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            Project SEED 大发11选5 Application Deadline: April 1

            Dear Teachers, Students and Parents:

            Welcome大发11选5 to Project SEED 大发11选5.  Thank you for your interest in the Indianapolis Project SEED Summer Research Internship Program at IUPUI.  Please read the information on this page and start on your application today.

            The last information session for this year is on Saturday, March 7. We encourage all students to come with at least one parent or guardian.

            1. Click here for meeting location & parking details.

            IMPORTANT: Project SEED only accepts students whose family income meets the Financial Eligibility Guidelines established by the American Chemical Society. Before you continue with this application process, please show parents this link, and review the income numbers according to household number size:


            Photocopies of parents’ 2019 income tax returns that are completed this year will need to be submitted by the parents or legal guardians prior to the student being accepted.

            If family income exceeds the guidelines, and you are an Indiana high school student, we recommend that you study all options available to you at the summary chart at . There are multiple programs available for students depending on their location and interest.

            Because of the substantial opportunity this program presents, a good application will require time to complete. There are generally 4 applicants for every internship position, so please represent yourself as best as you can.

            All applicants must have completed 2 semesters of chemistry before the program begins and be:

            Mature Sophomores – going into Junior year
            Juniors – going into Senior year
            Seniors* – going into college.

            *There are laboratories that require students to be 18 so we encourage Seniors to apply.

            In preparation, please:

            1.   Have your guidance counselor provide you with a school transcript as you will be required to enter many of your course grades into our application.  Also gather up scores for your SAT, PSAT, ACT and any AP or IB exams that you have taken. Sometimes these scores appear on your school transcript, sometimes not.  Please ask your guidance counselor! (If you have not taken these exams write n/a in those fields as they are 'not available')

            2.   Create an email account that you will use for the SEED application and for your future college applications. I personally recommend Yahoo or Gmail, and I recommend dignified email names like john.smith@yahoo.com or jane.doe2013@gmail.com to be more professional rather than funky.monkey@aim.com

            Students may also need to help parents create a free email account as they will need to complete part 4 - the Parent and Financial Information section of the application.

            3.   Please make arrangements to attend the March 7 mandatory Student and Parent Information Meeting at the IUPUI campus.

            Important Dates:

            March 7  - Required Student and Parent Information Meeting. See link for details: www./march7.pdf

            April 1 - Application deadline.  All online information should be completed

            May 1 - All students will be notified of acceptance status.

            May 26 and July 24* - Start and Finish dates for the summer research program. *Students whose school schedule goes into June will have modified ending dates.

            Summer Research Application:


            Updates and News.   If you would like to receive updates and news about the summer research program, please send an email to indyprojectseed@yahoo.com. Please include your name, high school, graduation year and other relevant details.

            After reading this page if you still have questions please contact our program coordinator, Elmer Sanders, by email: indyprojectseed@yahoo.com or by phone: (317) 514-3212


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